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Delafield Engagement – Jen & Kris

Whew! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged anything! Basically two years to be exact! Terrible, I know. I would say Kris & Jen’s Delafield engagement session is a good reason to get back into it though! 😛 I mean, just look at them! Jen in her bright yellow dress with a smile to match Kris’…. And not that you could tell by their expressions, but it was 95 degrees out (Now hold up! If you’re questioning my business practices, yes, they declined my offer to reschedule haha!) and humiddd like you were breathing through a blanket. They were the sort of conditions that could make just about anyone a lil testy, but Jen & Kris didn’t seem to mind. I’m convinced that nothing could stop these two from smiling & laughing when they’re together! For the record, the first image of Jen & Kris below is all them and go figure it’s be one of my favorites! I love being able to snap those unposed moments. And oh! The adorable factor got even better when they pulled out their wine glasses from Disney where Kris proposed and the same pinot noir they sipped the night after Kris slipped that ring on her finger. But enough of my rusty blog-writing and enjoy the smiles & love below! I saved another of my favorites for last! 🙂

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