Picture of sample wedding album by LauraJane Photography

Albums – Pieces of Family History

I’m so excited to present my sample wedding album! If you catch coffee with me to chat wedding details and see more of my portfolio & artwork samples, this is what I’ll bring (among a few other things haha!). This is considered to be a fine art wedding album and holy smokes does it feel like it! When I first lifted it out of the box I was pretty surprised at the weight. I shouldn’t have been considering I ordered the largest album I could with the max number of spreads allowed haha! It’s a whopping 11x14in album which opens to an breathtaking 28 inches across! What a way to show off your wedding images! 🙂 They’re handmade with some of the best archival materials and guaranteed to last a lifetime. This one in particular has a velvety leather for the cover – you’ll be tempted to cuddle with it it’s so soft! Of course I offer other sizes, cover options (including linen options), and you can get as few as 10 spreads per album – this one is quite thick at 40 spreads (aka 80 pages).  If you’d like to order an album, I’ll design it, send you the proof layout, and then you have the option of a couple complimentary rounds of revisions. (After that I start charging hourly for any absurd levels indecisiveness. jk! 😉 ) After that, albums take 4 to 8 weeks to print (8 weeks is abnormal, but sometimes necessary if a reprint is needed!), is sent to me for quality checking, and then I’ll get it into your hands shortly thereafter!

I’m so passionate about albums whether they’re for weddings, newborn pictures, or a family portrait session. They’re great pieces of family history to say the least. Plus we only have so much wall space in our homes, right? Get a few canvases of your favorite portraits and then put the rest into one of these beauties! It’s far better than leaving your images on a USB drive in your desk drawer and viewing your memories in an album is far more beautiful than flipping through piles of little 4×6 loose prints. 😉 The pictures below don’t stand up to seeing the album in person, but I hope you enjoy the photos and envision your own portraits in there! 🙂


Picture of sample album packed in white box with cover slip Photo of sample album in cover slipPhoto of sample album with embossing of bride & groom's names Pictures of binding and corners on sample wedding albumPictures of sample wedding album by LauraJane Photography Picture of binding on albumBridal preparation photos in wedding albumPictures of spreads in wedding album by LauraJane Photography Sample spreads from First Look with bride and groomSample spreads in wedding album with bridesmaids The groomsmen and bridesmaid portraits in sample wedding albumFull spread of bridal party in sample wedding album Bride & groom portraits in sample wedding album by LauraJane PhotographyBeginning of ceremony in wedding album by Milwaukee area photographer End of ceremony celebrations in wedding album by Waukesha professional photographerGolden hour portraits with bride and groom at reception by LauraJane Photography