Smiling baby at his 1st birthday party

Kane’s 1st Birthday Party

When you’re all about the raspberries instead of the cake….

Kane was so cute at his 1st birthday party! The poor little guy wouldn’t take a nap beforehand, so consequently some of his expressions are pretty mellow & thoughtful yet still amusing. His momma, Jessica, & I called them his “Eeyore face” – you’ll see what I mean especially when you get to the bubble photos haha! I also noticed Kane has a “thing” for raspberries. Apparently it’s basically his favorite food and he’d wobble next to his dad’s knee to see if Tyler would share with him. Then when we brought out Kane’s cake it was no surprise he went after the raspberries instead of smashing the cake. Turns out, he’s actually a little bit of a “clean freak” and hates sticky things on his hands. The look that he has as he examines the mess on his fingers makes me chuckle & I hope it does the same for you! 😛

Mommy holding her little boy on his birthdayOne year old hugging his mommy Laughing toddlerToddler eating raspberries Little one year old looking up at the cameraLittle toddler with very serious faceToddler playing with bubbles One year old trying to touch his birthday cake Family portrait during baby's first birthday in Waukesha One year old trying to share his food with his mom Toddler looking at his sticky fingers Baby boy opening his birthday presentsOne year old playing with his truck

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