The Amoroso Wedding – Germantown, WI

I finally get to share Allie & Nick’s wedding! After an intensely busy summer, I had to patiently work through my editing pile until they were up next, and (let me tell youit was such a joy to edit this crowd!  For all the portraits, we took a party bus down to Milwaukee (while poppin’ custom Champagne bottles!), and then we started off at the Hi Hat Lounge where Nick & Allie had first met.  (I love personal locations like that!)  Their location choices really let me get creative and play around with shooting some dim, naturally-lit shots, some with a pop of flash, and then the rest at the sunny Atwater Beach. HUGE props to the girls not wearing wedge heels – takes talent to walk on sand with those! 😛  Then, on the return trip to kick off the ceremony, one of the groomsmen gave a very eloquent speech involving Pokemon Go & an analogy about how Nick finally “caught” Allie.  😉 The perfect September weather continued, and they had a very tasteful wedding followed by an elegant reception (including tequila shots 😉in Germantown at Florian Park!  The finally, while dodging toads on the sidewalk out to the willow tree, Nick, Allie, & I got to end the night with some pretty evening pictures. 🙂 Enjoy the gallery!


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  • Morgan Patterson

    December 12, 2016 at 12:38 am

    Beyond breathtaking! Can’t stop looking through this gallery! <3