The Brajkovich Wedding – Menomonee Falls, WI

I was so thrilled when Christina & Robert found me through a chain of friends all the way from Washington!  Even though that’s where they currently live, Robert & Christina decided to have their wedding in Menomonee Falls, WI with family & friends.  They found the St. Mary Parish to host their ceremony and it was a beautiful old, ornate church!  It was quite dark, but the stain glass windows sure were colorful & were just calling me to incorporate them into the portraits.  Robert & Christina put a lot of thought into the traditions of their ceremony, and you could tell it was a very spiritual experience for them.  After the ceremony, we quickly snapped the bridal party portraits and beat (most) of the rain before heading off to the reception.  During the portraits, Robert was just beaming as he held his delicate new wife.  I also couldn’t get over Christina’s taste in everything.  Everything seemed to compliment each other from her loose up-do to the fairy-like bouquets.  The reception itself was also beautiful!  It was sprinkled with string lights and dappled with pink & purple uplighting which I always love for adding depth to reception pictures.  I also loved the framed love poems on all the tables!  Aside from the decorations, Christina & Robert’s dj was a brilliant character who even sang “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole for them, which (might I say) made for some very adorable pictures!  I live for unique moments like that at weddings!  On top of that, it seemed like the whole crowd knew how to dance so I couldn’t have been happier shooting away into the evening.  Enjoy all the shots from the day! 🙂


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